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Top 10 rent a car myths

Like every other industry, the car rental industry has it myths as well. Those are stories about rent-a-cars that we can often hear, and that are commonly used in everyday life. However, they are not true and that’s why we call it myths! Here is our top 10 rent-a-car myths.

Paul Walia
General Manager


  1. Serhat Cokal

    This is my fourth month that I've been renting a car from Express. The first reason why I chose this company, is the cheap price, but now the helpfulness and friendliness of the Express family are also the other reasons. Thank you.

  2. Matt Wickey

    Paul, Matt wickey here, Just a quick note to say it was a pleasure working with your company. I appreciate the great service you gave our students, as well as your exceptional staff who were always helpful. I have resigned as the Activities Coordinator here and off working on my own Adventure Travel…

  3. SSG Kelly

    To whom it may concern, I'd like to express my gratitude to Express Rent a Cheap Car for their excellent service to me and my family while I was on vacation from a year in Iraq. I'm a Soldier in the Army and was very pleased with the service I received from Express Service. I didn't have to wait very…

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